Writing a nonfiction book is an immense task. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed—does the organization make sense, have I covered everything I need to, just how can I find the time to finish this enormous undertaking? Stop and breathe! Then turn to a professional for guidance. I specialize in helping authors and content experts develop and complete their projects, whether your book is still just a vague idea floating around in your mind or you are on your fifty-third draft. Let me help you get your project moving forward again.

I can help you

  • Structure your project
  • Identify and strengthen your voice
  • Conduct research and organize content
  • Define your audience and purpose
  • Write and edit your manuscript 

Publishing works best when it is a collaborative process. If your book project has become agonizing, if it is taking up too much of your time, or if you simply feel stuck, let’s talk.